About Gate 21

Gate 21 is a partnership between municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions, that work with the common goal of accelerating the green transition.


Strategic direction

Gate 21’s vision is to make Greater Copenhagen the leading region in the world for green transition and growth. The strategy is based on the use of regional and local demand to develop, demonstrate and deploy new energy and resource-efficient solutions in the area of climate and energy.

The Capital Region and a number of municipalities in Greater Copenhagen have adopted ambitious targets for the transition to a fossil-free society. This ambition, along with an already strong green brand and our ability to collaborate across government agencies, enterprises and knowledge and research institutions about new solutions, are the foundations for Greater Copenhagen to become the leading region in the world for green transition and growth.

Green transition is high on the international agenda. There is global demand for solutions. Harnessing the ambitious political goals in the region, we can strengthen Danish companies’ head start and attract more foreign investment in green solutions.

In its first six years, Gate 21 has generated strong results and presented new concrete paths for the green transition. We can therefore offer a proven and stable platform for public-private innovation and cooperation and thus do our part to tackle the ambitious objectives for Greater Copenhagen.

In the next four years Gate 21, along with its growing partner base and central business development agencies, will work determinedly to realize our vision. Gate 21 will contribute to knowledge sharing, concrete cooperation and the establishment of Living Labs, where municipalities and regions make themselves available as testbeds and showrooms for the development and demonstration of companies’ new green solutions.