Partner in Gate 21

Gate 21 is a non-profit partner organization that brings together the ambitious regions, municipalities, companies and knowledge and research institutions aiming for green transition.

Our starting point is regional and local demand for new and intelligent climate and energy solutions. We develop and demonstrate energy and resource-efficient solutions in a number of projects and Living Labs with and across our strong range of partners.

It is the partnership’s aspirations and concrete results gained in innovative projects that have made Gate 21 a leading organization in the green transition of Greater Copenhagen.


Gate 21 creates value for its partners and members through:

  • First-hand knowledge about local and regional climate and energy solutions in Greater Copenhagen
  • Opportunities for competence development for managers and employees
  • Access to develop, test and demonstrate new technologies and concepts in cooperation with ambitious companies, municipalities and research institutions
  • Easy access to insight in partner municipalities’ needs and in a municipal market for climate and energy solutions in the billions
  • The opportunity to pioneer a green area of growth with a global perspective
  • Active access to the larger community agenda for green transition and growth

Do you want to be a partner or member in Gate 21?

Then contact Trine Kromann, and find out what a partner- or membership can contribute to your organization.