Cleantech TIPP aims to promote the development of innovative solutions by improving the connection between intelligent public demand and solutions offered by the market.

The project aims to challenge municipalities to use the procurement process and public-private partnerships as strategic tools that can support a municipality’s overall development strategy. The project should stimulate innovation processes and strengthen procurement that matches municipalities’ visions for new green solutions, while at the same time improving the opportunities for companies to develop and sell these solutions.

In this way, Cleantech TIPP connects 3 municipal agendas:

1.   Green transition (Climate and resource objectives in municipalities) There is a great need to create new innovative green solutions within a number of complex areas where municipalities are unable to carry the load alone.

2.   Intelligent public demand These are the complex areas in which municipalities are tasked with finding solutions and making purchasing decisions. They are imminent and therefore interesting for private actors to follow and take part in.

3.   Business promotion (demand-driven innovation) Companies require support that ultimately ensures the new green solutions get to market.

Innovation through supply is, by definition, uncertain, but we are working to reduce uncertainties through structure, documentation and knowledge of legal groups.

In this project, we focus on identifying motivations for and barriers to municipalities engaging in dialogue and cooperation with the market through a tender process. This should ensure the emergence of new solutions.

Project phases

Cleantech TIPP publishes the Public Procurement Act on the Danish and Swedish side and leads nine cases through a process of:

  • Targeting market dialogue
  • Launching public-private innovation partnerships
  • Testing new solution proposals (potentially through demonstration and testing in municipalities)

The project is supportet by


Project Manager

Camilla Raagaard Ernst


March 2016 – February 2019


Copenhagen Municipality, Frederiksberg Municipality, Høje-Taastrup Municipality, Allerød Municipality, Albertslund Municipality, Malmö City, Helsingborg City, Öresundskraft, NSR AB, BOFA, Sysav Development, Sustainable Business Hub, Danish SymbioseCenter, Sustainable Development Skåne, Skåne  County Administrative Board, Aalborg University, Lund University, Processio and Concito.


Cleantech TIPP has a total budget of 4.1 million EUR. 50 percent of the project budget is financed through the EU border region program Interreg, Øresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (Interreg ØKS). The ECSC program provides support for joint Scandinavian projects that improve society in terms of innovation, green economy, transport and employment.