During the first conference day there you can attend two of three break out session – please read more about them below.


Planning City Technology for the People

This break out session will focus on knowledge sharing on digital planning, citizen engagement and city planning. We will discuss prioritizing the use cases to meet the needs and demands of future citizens in a modern urban environment.

  • Why does a municipality have a digital vision?
  • How will the citizens benefit from digital planning?
  • How do we plan the city of tomorrow with todays technology?

This break out session will cover the barriers with traditional planning, and how to plan a cost-effective and efficient city with new technical solutions 30 years ahead, while securing a city that is built for and by the people.


  • Søren Smidt-Jensen, Head of Urban Development & Landscape, City of Frederikssund
  • Facilitated by Léan Doody, Associate Director, Arup
  • International city representative will be announced soon

The municipality of Frederikssund is organizing this break out session.


Living Labs: Unpacking the Potentials

Living Labs are the talk of the town when it comes to Smart Cities. We all seem to agree that they are key to help accelerate the digital transition, but how do we achieve their true potential? Living Labs also come in all shapes and sizes, so which type is good for what?

This session will discuss the ambitions in Greater Copenhagen through two of its most prominent Living Labs, Street Lab in Copenhagen and DOLL in Albertslund. One is situated in the middle of one of the busiest areas in a larger city and the other in the suburbs of an industrial area. Adding to the discussion, the city of Eindhoven will present how they work with Smart City Living Labs and how this compares to the approach in Greater Copenhagen.

You will learn about the pros and cons of working with different types of Living Labs from Zumtobel, and you can join the panel discussion with the people behind the Living Labs.


  • Marius Sylvestersen, Program Manager, Copenhagen Solutions Lab
  • Kim Brostrøm, CTO, DOLL Living Lab
  • Michael Ferm, Head of Global Lighting, Zumtobel Group
  • Frank van Swol, Head of Sector, City of Eindhoven
  • Facilitated by Jacob Lundgaard, Director of Living Labs, Gate 21

The municipality of Albertslund is organizing this break out session.


Transforming Data to Real Solutions

All cities are collecting data. How do we insure that the data is used for real solutions? In this session we will debate and highlight how the use of data can be put into play for concrete solutions that makes the cities more liveable.

The presentations and discussions will focus on:

  • How are data put into use?
  • Which smart city solutions actually work and why do they work?
  • How is public and private data combined into new usefull applications and solutions?
  • How do we go from big data to real solutions. How do you make business with data?


  • Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Development Manager, Forum Virium Helsinki
  • Peter Bjørn Larsen, Director of the City Data Exchange, Hitachi Consulting Copenhagen
  • Facilitated by Kim Spiegelberg Stelzer, Smart City Senior Advisor, City of Copenhagen

The municipality of Copenhagen is organizing this break out session.