At the Smart Talks you will get an introduction to various exciting smart projects with a more technical approach. Each talk will be a 20 minute pitch, where you can get a deeper understanding of the following projects:


Smart City Cyber Security Lab

Interest in the Smart City concept has grown exponentially over the past few years. Denmark is one of the frontrunner countries with a broad variety of Living Labs and top research being done in the Internet of Things (IoT) in urban city domains.
Smart City Cyber Security Lab (SCL) is a partnership between the private and public sector and universities. The aim is to define de-facto standards and best practices for gathering and accessing urban data in order to secure privacy and improving and hardening Smart City services and offerings.
In Smart Cities, information security plays a major role in protecting the higher levels of confidentiality (privacy), availability, and integrity as well as the stability that national services and organizations need to support sustainable and liveable smart environments.

Speaker: Michael Hald, Consultant, Department of Digitization and Citizens Service, Local Government Denmark 


CITIES – Center for IT-Intelligent Energy Systems in Cities

CITIES aims at being a leading research center providing solutions for future Smart Cities. The scientific goals of CITIES is to develop methodologies and ICT solution for the analysis, operation and development of fully integrated and smart urban energy systems. The commercial perspective of CITIES is to identify and establish business opportunities within the smart cities environment. As a major result the concept of a Smart-Energy Operating-Systems (SE-OS) has been developed, and this concept has already been used in a number of smart cities demonstration projects.

Speaker: Henrik Madsen, Professor, Head of CITIES Research Center, Head of Smart Cities Coordination Committee, Technical University of Denmark

InfinIT: How Does Smart Cities Get Smarter?

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is referred to as digital microprocessors and sensors embedded in everyday objects. Billions of such objects are envisioned to be connected through the internet, harvesting data about the physical world which is then analyzed in the cloud. But this is a rather narrow vision, as we are now entering an age where everyday objects continuously will communicate with, and control, other objects over a global data network, effectively realizing real-time networked information and computation. This will allow a complete integration of things, people, systems and real-time real-world inputs.
This talk will outline how smart connected objects give us new ways to measure, monitor, understand and optimize our body and general health. Technological developments and the convergence between different technologies, will radically change our view on health and the health system, from todays intermittent reactive system to a continuous proactive system. This will shift the focus from treatment to prevention, ensuring a healthy and secure life.

Speaker: Jan Madsen, Head of the Section of Embedded Systems Engineering and Co-Director of DTU Compute, Technical University of Denmark

Enabling a Digital Infrastructure in LOOP City

LOOP City is a coherent future city-collaboration featuring a vast number of strategic initiatives to support its citizens, businesses and the public administrations. Through a deployment of a comprehensive uniform and seamless digital infrastructure LOOP City aims to support growth, increase productivity and efficiency. This Smart Talk is organized by Current, powered by GE who is a strong provider of digital infrastructure and a variety of Smart City solutions and supplemented by DONG Energy who is a strong enabler of Smart City solutions via its lighting infrastructure.


  • Vibeke Linde-Strandby, City-Strategic Programme Manager, LOOP City
  • Martin Gertz Andersen, Nordic Director for Smart Cities, Current powered by GE
  • Helge Lang Pedersen, Head of Department, DONG Energy


Innovatorium Nordhavn – Data Driven Testing and Decision Tools

Innovatorium Nordhavn combines data driven development and global marketing capabilities to companies. Based on an unique cooperation of the City of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark the Innovatorium provides companies access to data for testing, prototyping and validation of new energy solutions.

Innovatorium Nordhavn will provide:

  • Investors with decision tools of cost efficiency for investment in energy solutions
  • Companies with new abilities to shorten innovation cycles and demonstrate new solutions in a city environment
  • Cities with decision tools to prioritize climate measures efficiently and fact based

By bridging innovative solutions of SMEs, start-ups, etc. and displaying data based effects of the solutions, business potentials are promoted and solidified, spurring expanded demand for CO2 reducing solutions.

This talk will outline the ambitions and ideas on how to create a world-class innovation centre for intelligent energy solutions and a platform, where cross-sectoral innovations is brought together by combination of data and contributing to the full concept of Smart City.


  • Rasmus Reeh, Project Lead, Innovatorium Nordhavn
  • Per Boesgaard, Coordinator, Partnership & Innovation, City of Copenhagen


Talca Tech Talk

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