Hectic week lights up DOLL Living Lab

by | Sep 17, 2015 | Smart City

One year after the opening of the DOLL Living Lab, delegations from home and abroad are still knocking on the door to Europe’s largest Living Lab for outdoor lighting and Smart City-solutions.

“Last week we welcomed several delegations, especially from Asia. They came here for various reasons. Some to see the DOLL Living Lab, others come to learn more about sustainable cities and the Triple Helix-partnership between the Technical University of Denmark, Gate 21, Municipality of Albertslund and the companies,” says Kim Brostrøm, Head of Technology in DOLL Living Lab, and continues:

“Others have been customers of the companies represented in DOLL Living Lab, and one Chinese municipality has signed an agreement about exchange of experiences with DOLL.”

In week 38 DOLL has had two visits from China, as well as visits from Taiwan, Canada, Croatia, France, Korea, Denmark and Bosnia and Herzegovina, among others. DOLL also hosted the workshop ‘Smart Municipality – Safe Data.’


DOLL exchanges experience with Chinese city

Monday September 7th delegation from the Chinese city of Xiaolan visited DOLL and Albertslund Municipality to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the mayors of the two municipalities and DOLL/Gate 21.

“The city of Xiaolan means a lot to DOLL, as the city is the centre of a number of manufacturers of LED-light, and has a Productivity Centre that works with documentation of LED-light. We visited the Productivity Centre four or five years ago, which inspired us to establish DOLL Quality Lab,” says Flemming Madsen, head of secretariat in DOLL. He’s looking forward to exchanging knowhow and experience with light, Smart City and green growth with the Chinese city.



Mayor Lin Weiqiang fra Xiaolan presents a present to mayor Steen Christiansen of Municipality of Albertslund. Foto: Peter Petersen

The mayor of Xiaolan Lin Weiqiang is also looking forward to the cooperation with DOLL

“I see great opportunities in the fact that LED-manufacturers in Xiaolan can exchange experiences with companies in DOLL,” he says.


Chinese delegation get inspired by sustainable urban development and Triple Helix

September 9th Living Lab was visited by 25 Chinese mayors, public officials and managing directors. They were in Denmark on a two week visit to learn more about sustainable urban development in Denmark, in particular on the topics water, air, environmental protection, Smart City and light.

“We are in Denmark to get inspired and see some good solutions with regard to sustainable urban development. DOLL is a good example of a Triple Helix-partnership between companies, the public and universities, which plays a major part in the agenda for our trip to Denmark,” says Humphrey Lau, managing director at Grundfos in China. He continues:

“I believe that Triple Helix-partnerships creates more complete solutions, as the growing cities are facing problems with urbanisation and planning so immense that no one can solve them alone.”

The program for the two weeks stay in Denmark was developed in a by the Technical University of Denmark, Grundfos China, Tsinghua University and China Association of Mayors.


A vast amount of delegations have visited DOLL in the year that has passed

The last week only represents a small part of what had happened in DOLL. Since the opening in September 2014 DOLL has welcomed innumerable guests – from companies as well as politicians and specialists.

DOLL has assessed the number of visitors – and it has amounted to quite a lot. Take a look at the info box in this article and see who has been checking in at the Living Lab.