Gate 21 has made significant achievements and garnered international attention with DOLL Living Lab. In DOLL we test and demonstrate the latest solutions for outdoor lighting with LED technology, intelligent management and integration of Smart City technology, such as sensors and wifi, providing new opportunities to improve and streamline municipal services to citizens and businesses.

Gate 21 is constantly examining the possibilities of establishing other Living Labs in close dialogue with our partners. The goal is to establish a number of Living Labs, which together can enhance the profile of Greater Copenhagen as a world-leading region in the development, testing and demonstration of green technologies and solutions. Gate 21 Living Labs must thus place themselves at a high international level. The individual Living Labs will be different in the way they are structured, but will share an array of common features – the best solutions available tend to be found within geographic reach of each other, and include:

  • Large-scale showroom set in an urban environment and visiting services
  • Innovation and matchmaking
  • Test and validation
  • Decision support and skills development
  • Profiling and internationalization

Gate 21 will contribute to the creation, coordination and profiling of Living Lab activities and cooperation with key stakeholders and partners, as well as to existing initiatives.

In close cooperation with our partners, Gate 21 will work diligently to produce results with Living Labs within the framework of the Regional Growth and Development Strategy (ReVUS) of the Capital Region and other essential strategies in Greater Copenhagen. To ensure a strong anchoring, the aim is to spread the Living Labs across the Greater Copenhagen geography but have them connected in such a way that it is possible for the region to brand itself as a single leading entity within the green transition.


Along with its partner group, Gate 21 explores the opportunities for the development of new Living Labs in Greater Copenhagen. The map shows examples of current, future and possible Living Labs for green transformation and growth.