by | Dec 12, 2016

16 Danish companies will now have the opportunity to pitch their products and solutions to one of the largest investors from Singapore, Temasek. Investors are looking for smart, innovative and sustainable Danish solutions that can be adapted to local conditions.

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016 a number of companies will present their products or solutions for investors from Singapore. The companies are smaller Danish businesses that would otherwise have difficulty creating an export base abroad. They will have the opportunity here for the first time to pitch to a market in Singapore.

The opportunity arose through the project Smart City World Labs, working to establish Living Labs in Singapore – a type of testbed, where the latest solutions in sustainability and Smart City can be demonstrated in normal surroundings. Here innovative Danish companies can get their products out to their customers without going through traditional channels.

Why Danish companies?

Denmark has a strong green brand, and we have several times been voted the world’s happiest people. In Singapore they would like to learn from our way of creating cities with solutions that focus on both the technical but also, and perhaps especially, the human – the more holistic solutions. This is why Danish companies are interesting to Singaporean investors.

But how do we match the smart, sustainable Danish solutions with the right cities and the right investors? This was one of the challenges for the Industry Foundation: to fund and initiate the project Smart City World Labs operated by Gate 21, Quercus Group and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

“Many Danish companies have found it difficult to gain a foothold abroad and create export opportunities. Nevertheless, there is great international interest in Denmark and our sustainable solutions. In the Smart City World Labs we have created a unique platform where smaller Danish companies will be able to use Living Labs to test, demonstrate and showcase their products in a different context. This creates new export opportunities for Danish companies,” says senior project manager Thomas Sichelkow from Gate 21.

Breeding ground for future cooperation

In week 50, Gate 21 will open the doors to a larger group from Singapore, along with Quercus Group, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Industry Foundation. Representatives from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Shengbang Jurong, which is one of Asia’s largest consultants in the development of cities and infrastructure, and Temasek, one of Singapore’s largest investors, are coming to Denmark to learn more about our way of making cities. During the week they will be meeting several Danish companies and learning more about what options there are for future cooperation.

Smart City World Labs is based on three existing Danish Living Labs: initially DOLL Living Lab, led by Gate 21, Copenhagen Solutions Lab and DTU Smart Campus. The ultimate goal is to export the Living Lab mindset to other parts of the world.

More information

If you are interested in hearing more about the project, please contact Thomas Sichelkow, senior project manager at Gate 21 on

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