by | Mar 13, 2017

With the newly founded Academy 21, Gate 21 conveys the latest knowledge from its projects to all its partners and members. This is done through master classes, workshops and opportunities for networking with other partners.

During the winter, Gate 21 held the first ‘Academy 21’ events. The events have been in a master class format where project managers and other presenters provide inspiration and practical tools for project experiences can be used by multiple partners and members.

“We want the new Academy 21 to highlight the knowledge, experience and methods we create in our now very significant portfolio of project – and not only for those participants who are already involved and dedicated, but for the whole networks of partners and members and membership,” says Marie Sisse Brown, Communications Manager at Gate 21.

Good experiences for the benefit of many

The new year started with a master class on the project Test an E-bike. During the project period from 2013-2016, nearly 1,700 people borrowed electric bicycles to commute between home and work, creating new commuter habits for the participants.

At the master class 21 participants from Gate 21’s partnership and membership group worked on presentations and workshops to spread the use of electric bicycles.

Project Manager Emma Liisberg said about the event:

“The purpose of the master class was to continue the project, so the positive experience can benefit more people. Therefore, we put businesses that sell and maintain electric bicycles alongside staff from the municipalities so that together they could find the solution that fits their needs. ”

At the workshop, participants came up with ideas for how municipalities can get more people to sit in the saddle.

“One of the barriers in terms of getting more people to use electric bicycles is that they cost much more than regular bicycles. One of the ideas that came out of the workshop was the idea of a hire purchase or subscription, which can make it more accessible to invest in an electric bike,” explains Emma Liisberg.

Specific knowledge about a complex subject

In February, Gate 21 held a master class on the project Growth Through Energy Renovation. Here 35 participants found inspiration for local efforts to get owners of single-family houses to renovate so that they use less energy. Energy renovation is a complex issue with economic, structural and psychological aspects, explains Project Manager Signe Poulsen.

“Experience shows that there are many mechanisms at play when homeowners decide whether to invest in the renovation of their house. Therefore, it is important to make a long-term commitment, which continues to convey why it makes sense to renovate the energy system of the home. The presentations at the master class offered concrete knowledge about how municipalities can support the renovation of the citizens’ homes, both in terms of finance, planning and motivation,” says Signe Poulsen.

In Denmark’s Capital Region the work of energy conservation is run as part of Gate 21’s project Energi på Tværs II.

About Academy 21

Every year Gate 21 contributes to significant production of knowledge as we develop and test practical solutions for the green transition. We make projects and partnerships with regions, municipalities, businesses and knowledge institutions. With Academy 21, we will strengthen our efforts to disseminate knowledge from projects and knowledge partners, including Aalborg University, Delta, DTU and RUC, to all our partners and members.

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  • Academy 21 is a series of events with knowledge as the focal point.
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