DOLL to exceed 50 partners

af | jun 6, 2018

Foto: Rasmus Degnbol

2018 has been a busy year in DOLL so far, and we are proud to present the following companies as new partners in DOLL Living Lab:

SEAS-NVE is a Danish energy company, that is testing a new Lora-Wan network in DOLL Living Lab in interaction with various use-cases such as intelligent outdoor lighting, smart parking, waste management and more. The energy company will be able to offer a whole new range of options regarding data collection and dissemination solutions to their customers:

“Our main portfolio is primarily the municipal sector, and the focus on DOLL from the public sector has been amazing. That is of course something we would like to tap into, as it is very much our current and potential customers who are visiting DOLL.”, says Daniel Fogh, key account manager at SEAS-NVE.

Among our other new partners are also:

SmartCiti Solutions: SmartCiti Solutions is providing a +20-in-1 smart pole creating a vital digital hub for the IoT in smart cities featuring wifi, cameras, lighting, air quality, EV-charging, rain intensity, and much more. The installation in DOLL Living Lab is planned to be the first test-installation in Europe.

Infomir: The Swiss-based company focusing on research and development on low consumption technologies, Smart Devices, and Smart Light Control System is about to test and demonstrate intelligent outdoor lighting at DOLL Living Lab.

Global Lighting Standard:
A spin out company from The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), with the purpose of creating a new standard for measuring light quality and light distribution from street lamps.

Louis Poulsen:
A Danish lighting manufacturer born out of the Scandinavian design tradition and a key global supplier of architectural and decorative lighting. Louis Poulsen took part in DOLL from 2014 to 2016 and is a returning partner testing intelligent outdoor lighting.

A Norwegian-based company based on one simple idea – optimizing the use of outdoor lighting. Focusing on motion sensing street lighting, Comlight is to test and demonstrate motion detection technologies at DOLL Living Lab.

With over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Emtelle is a leading global manufacturer of blown fibre and ducted network solutions. Soon Emtelle will show new designs of fiber connectivity in DOLL Living Lab.

As a newly founded Danish tech company, Suncil is demonstrating 100% solar powered lighting solutions, such as the Asima Sun designed by the Danish recognized lamp designer Morten Lyhne. Solutions are present with showrooms Dubai and Los Angeles – and DOLL Living Lab.

Experience smart parking first-hand. CommuniThings is a pioneer of LPWAN (Low Power wide area network) smart parking and is soon to present a couple of solutions at DOLL Living Lab based on different sensor-technologies.

One of the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting. Osram took part in DOLL from 2014-2016 and is a returning partner testing outdoor lighting and different sensor-technologies for motion detection together with the Dutch-based company Tvilight.

In taking part of planning and designing the communities and cities of the future, Sweco is to demonstrate different IoT-based applications at DOLL Living Lab. This is done with a primary focus within waste management working with sensor-technologies and IoT-Gateway.

By redefining waste management with IoT, Nordsense is to demonstrate how to optimize waste collection processes based on sensor-technologies, platform for advanced route planning and navigator system for drivers.