E-SAVE guidelines are now part of BR18

by | Feb 21, 2018

In the E-SAVE project, one of the challenges proved to be municipal construction caseworkers’ uncertainty about how building regulations deal with protected buildings. A clarification has now been made which refers to the E-SAVE Guide “Preserving, renovating and saving energy”.

In Gate 21’s project E-SAVE, which has now been completed, the objective was to facilitate the municipal process when a private or general construction foreman wishes to make energy renovations on a protected residential building. In cooperation with Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Gladsaxe municipalities, the project developed a guide for municipal construction caseworkers. It shows how energy initiatives can work with preservation values ​​and how to handle dialogue with individual construction foremen.

One of the project’s challenges proved to be an uncertainty among municipal construction caseworkers about the extent to which building regulations exempt homeowners from making energy improvements in protected buildings. Building Regulation 2018 (BR18) now explains that energy improvements should be made without hindering the protected status ​​of a building. BR18 also mentions that: “(…) in connection with major renovation work on protected buildings, potential energy improvements should always be included in the pre-dialogue between the municipality and building owners and/or their advisor.” Here, BR18 refers to the tools of the E-SAVE guidelines for use in municipal construction casework.

If you would like to know more about the tools, you can find the guide “Protect, renovate and save energy” here (in Danish).

You can read more about requirements and guidance for energy improvements in preservation and protected buildings in BR18 (in Danish) here.