Press release 10 April 2018

50 million DKK for the development of future energy and resource systems in Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen has a strong position in green transition and green growth could create up to 42,000 new green jobs in Greater Copenhagen by 2035, according to a green growth analysis finalized in 2017. FUTURE – A new EU project of 50 million DKK will be developed to make the most of a sustainable transition.

The world’s resources are under pressure and, more than ever, our energy consumption is changing from black to green. The three regions in Greater Copenhagen are each committed to a goal that, by 2020, 40 percent of their energy consumption will be covered by renewable energy, as well as that they will be among the most resource-efficient regions. Therefore, they have taken the initiative to find new ways and solutions for future energy and resource systems.

Over the next three years a broad partnership will be developed and tested, involving more than 20 public and private actors from across Greater Copenhagen, as well as different technologies, tools and business models within renewable energy and resource utilization. 6.78 million EUR has been set aside for this project. The goal is for the visionary caseworkers to develop new and effective solutions that can become concrete solutions for future energy and resource systems.

The EU has praised the project

“The FUTURE cooperation on future intelligent energy and resource systems is a highly innovative project … and all the different cases have an innovative character.”

“The project has a good connection to business.”

“The solutions created by private and public organizations will jointly make an important contribution to municipalities, regions and other organizations, achieving a higher degree of energy and resource efficiency as well as increasing the proportion of renewable energy use.”

Those are some of the comments made by the EU about the project. Along with the words comes 3.2 million EUR from the European Regional Development Fund Interreg ÖKS.

A united Greater Copenhagen stands behind the project

Behind the initiative are the three regions in Greater Copenhagen: Region Skåne, the Capital Region and Region Zealand. Greater Copenhagen has strength and experience in increased resource efficiency, strategic energy planning and smart city efforts. Greater Copenhagen is therefore an obvious choice for a testing and development laboratory.

“In order to meet the threat of climate change, we must both change energy efficiency and increase efficiency. What in one business is considered waste can be important raw materials for another activity. Here you need to be climate smart and develop new solutions. The project will include case studies for CO2-neutral hospitals, which I think are particularly exciting.”

Mätta Ivarsson, Chairman of the Regional Development Board, Region Skåne.

“This is an ambitious and courageous goal Greater Copenhagen has put in place with more green jobs and more renewable energy. But it’s not an unrealistic goal, because our cooperation has shown itself to be strong and capable of producing results.”

Heino Knudsen, Regional Council Chairman, Region Zealand

“When we get together to identify and test solutions that promote green transition, we are better equipped to create green solutions that benefit the environment and, at the same time, create jobs. It is a difficult task to switch to renewable energy and make better use of our resources. That’s why it is so important that we unite forces across the public and private sector throughout Greater Copenhagen.”

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Regional Council Chairman, Capital Region of Denmark.

Read more about the project and the partners (in Danish).