Louis Poulsen wants to shape the future of Smart City lighting

Louis Poulsen’s new head office and showrrom, at Holmen in Copenhagen.                              

The classic Danish lighting design company, Louis Poulsen, founded in 1874, has signed a contract with DOLL Living Lab to integrate its latest products within a Smart City context – and thereby beginning another new journey of innovation, which started with the now legendary PH-lamp, in 1926.

Smart City technology in harmony with classic design

When DOLL launched its living lab in 2014, Louis Poulsen was one of the first partners onboard the project. As the test- and showcase site in the industrial area of Albertslund quickly transformed into an international visitor centre for lighting and Smart City applications, Louis Poulsen took a brief pause to develop its own Smart City strategy, shaped to work in harmony with its classic design background. In 2019 they returned to DOLL, at one of the lab’s prime locations, with eight of its signature lighting fixtures installed, ready to get connected with Signify’s City Touch solution.

-For Louis Poulsen, Smart City solutions are a natural technological development that promotes better and more efficient lighting systems. Technology is a tool that enables cities to adapt areas to varying activities, seasons, events and thereby create value for citizens, explains Kasper Hammer, director of product and design – architectural and outdoor at Louis Poulsen.

While the company’s showcase location at an industrial suburban area is a stark contrast to the trendy Holmen, the location of Louis Poulsen’s new head office in central Copenhagen, and showroom for indoor lighting – DOLL’s Living Lab, it has other benefits.

-DOLL Living Lab provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate how our products work. and how the lighting is expressed, in different outdoor urban environments, at a location shared with the wider lighting and Smart City community, and that is frequently visited by international delegations, says Henrik Hansen, national sales manager at Louis Poulsen.

Form follows function

An increasing number of visitors at DOLL come to see and experience the latest Smart City developments and solutions, and how they can be used to increase urban efficiency, sustainability and liveability. In an age obsessed with technology, a company like Louis Poulsen – who has always sought not to design lamps, but to shape light – brings a welcome focus on how form follows function, which is the Scandinavian approach.

-Louis Poulsen has such a strongly anchored lighting philosophy, that we see very positively on the ongoing development, where outdoor lighting is becoming a part of the Smart City infrastructure, says Henrik.

Technology and design as a balancing act

Kasper explains that for Louis Poulsen, the technology is part of the lamp and works with the light, without driving the design work. For the basic principles of design and light, the focus is on people and our experience of the outdoor environment. Meanwhile, the technology is integrated into the background and ensures the optimum outdoor environment.

-This balancing act is precisely how we work with technology at Louis Poulsen. It integrates as part of a design and is just a success when it is not in itself staged but gives way to the light and design that it experienced, adds Kasper.

He explains that Louis Poulsen’s lamps are today compatible with a number of Smart City systems on the market. The current technology available still has a certain volume, and hardware therefore cannot always be fully integrated. However, the trend is that the equipment is getting smaller and more standardized, and this is welcomed by Louis Poulsen.

At DOLL, the team is happy about the return of the iconic Danish firm:

-We are very pleased to welcome Louis Poulsen back at DOLL, and to be able to showcase their latest products at Europe’s largest showroom and test-field for intelligent lighting and smart urban services, says Teddy Sibbern Larsen, senior project manager, DOLL.

You can find more information about Louis Poulsen here.

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