by | May 24, 2017

[field excerpt]

Lolland will be the showcase, test and demonstration area for future solutions in renewable energy. Ambitions were set high when Gate 21 opened the doors to a new local office at Råhavegård in Holeby, Lolland on Mondya afternoon. This was thanks to the new collaboration “REEL – REnewable Energy Lolland”, which is a partnership between the municipality of Lolland, HOFOR and the municipality of Copenhagen. Gate 21 will drive the cooperation. Sustainable growth and job creation are the goals of the partnership. Renewable energy, biomass, tourism and food are the focus areas.

REEL secretariat leader Tine Vinther Clausen was on the radio show P4 Zealand on Monday. Listen to her explain why there are good opportunities in Lolland (in Danish).

Marie Louise Friderichsen, Lolland Municipality Tourism Manager, was also interviewed on P4 Zealand. Hear how she believes renewable energy can boost tourism locally (in Danish).