Recent and coming activities

af | jun 6, 2018

DOLL participated in the recently held DTU Transport Summit, where autonomous transportation was a key theme. Kenneth Jørgensen, Senior project leader at Gate 21 told about the TUPPAC project which will begin testing autonomous collective transportation in DOLL in 2020. Prior to the test in DOLL the driverless bus will be tested at DTU Campus, who is one of the project partners.

During the last month DOLL also took part in Nordic Clean Energy Week, participating with a stand offering visitors a virtual tour of our Living Lab. In our “Virtual Lab” you can experience most of our physical living lab in 3D, with the possibility to inspect different street light solutions in various lighting conditions.

DOLL also recently attended the annual “Street Lighting Conference” where Kim Brostrøm, CTO at DOLL held a presentation about the possibilities and challenges regarding data infrastructure and safety in relation to street lights and IoT in general.

On the 9. of june 2018 DOLL will also attend Geo Data East’ annual summer meeting, where Kim Brostrøm will give speech to municipalities from all of Eastern Denmark about DOLLs experiences with sensor technology in the open city space.