We cycle to work all summer – take your bike when the railway line closes

by | Jul 3, 2018

Foto: Cyklistforbundet

Should your employees bike to work all summer? The Danish Cyclists’ Federation has extended its May campaign in collaboration with the Moving People project, inviting all those affected by the summer’s railway line closures and others who work in the Capital Region of Denmark to participate in a summer edition of WE CYCLE TO WORK.


In summer 2018 all railroad operations on the Frederikssund railway line between Valby and Frederikssund will be closed during the period 1 June in the evening – 26 August and on the Coast Line to Elsinore 30 June – 12 August.

On the other hand, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation has extended its nationwide May campaign, WE CYCLE TO WORK, to run throughout the summer in the Capital Region of Denmark. This is done in collaboration with the Moving People business network, with support from the Capital Region.

“If you commute by train every day, track closures will create challenges in your everyday life. But we hope that as many people as possible choose to see it as an opportunity to experience summer in a new way and say, ‘yes, I’ll hop on the bike for the best months of the year’,” says Klaus Bondam, director of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation.

Companies and employees participating in the extension will receive newsletters with tips for exciting cycling routes, special experiences along the route and information on how to combine your bike ride with public transport that is not affected by the railway line closures.

Free shortcut to exercise in your everyday life

Each day you cycle to work counts as a chance at the main prize, which is a high-quality Pelago-brand bicycle for the whole team. The more days you cycle, the greater the chance of winning.

“It can be difficult to find time for exercise in everyday family and work life. The summer edition of WE CYCLE TO WORK is a good place to start if you want to take advantage of your commute to get more exercise in your everyday life, says Klaus Bondam.

Participants cycle in teams with 4-16 participants. It is free to join if you have already signed up for the May issue of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation’s WE CYCLE TO WORK, or if you take over a colleague’s place for the extension. For new teams the price is 60 DKK per participant.

Read more about the summer’s railway line closures at dinoffentligetransport.dk