Renewable Energy

Gate 21 runs several significant renewable energy projects in Greater Copenhagen, developing and demonstrating new methods, systems and solutions for converting energy systems and storing energy with the aim of achieving the ambitious goals at national as well as regional level.

Smart Cities & Communities

Data from sensors and digital devices can ensure the smooth operation of cities and villages, as well as huge energy and resource savings – for example by eliminating traffic, streamlining waste collection, managing electricity and heat in buildings, managing lighting, intelligent public transport and the sharing economy.

Sustainable Mobility

Gate 21’s develops, tests and disseminates mobility solutions and measures that reduce CO2 emissions, while reducing traffic noise, increasing accessibility to create better cities and rural areas, promoting green growth and better health outcomes for citizens.

Circular Economy & Resources

Together, we must create a waste-free society and move from incineration to reusing and recycling. We must design our products so that they last longer and are easier to disassemble and repair and we need to consume smarter, too. We need a circular transformation, but this will require systemic changes, new forms of collaboration throughout the value chain and new business models.

Gate 21 focuses on the development of new energy and resource efficient solutions in the areas of Sustainable Mobility, Energy Conversion, Smart Sustainable Cities and Circular Economy & Resources.

Although each project is rooted in one of the four focus areas, partners work across disciplines, as green transition efforts in each of the four focus areas are interconnected. If the green transformation of the energy systems is to succeed, we must integrate digital solutions. And if we are to make our resource consumption more sustainable, this also requires a transformation of the transport and mobility sector.

The goal is to find solutions that reduce CO2 emissions and realize energy and resource savings. At the same time, the partners want to help realize the great, well-documented potential for creating growth and jobs as part of the green transition.