Programme Manager
Jens Skov-Spilling

Energy Transition

The local municipalities in Denmark have a leading role in achieving The Climate Act’s target of a 70 percent CO2 reduction by 2030. In order to achieve our climate goals, we first and foremost need renewable energy. Denmark’s energy supply must therefore be adjusted by 2050, so that our energy consumption will be based on 100 percent renewable energy.

The Capital Region of Denmark and the local municipalities have a target of 100 percent fossil-free energy supply already in 2035. Region Zealand and the local municipalities have a target of 40 percent renewable energy by 2030. Our energy transition process needs to  be speeded up– and concrete action is needed.

Therefore Gate 21 runs several significant energy transition projects in Greater Copenhagen. Together with regions, local municipalities, public utility companies, organizations and the research institutions, we develop and demonstrate the best solutions to accelerate the transition of energy systems and energy storage.

For example, we work with renewable energy in district heating companies, phasing out of oil- and gas boilers, energy savings in private households, charging infrastructure, energy storage, energy flexibility and sector coupling.

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