Programme Manager 
Anna Thormann Boesen


Transport is lagging far behind when it comes to the green transition. In fact, CO2 emissions from transport are rising again. Several researchers point out that the national measures that contribute to reducing or shifting energy consumption in transport are going too slowly and that we will not reach the 2030 goal named in the current policy.

Therefore, for the next 1000 days, it is crucial that Gate 21’s partnership network develops, tests and disseminates mobility solutions and measures that reduce CO2 emissions, while reducing traffic noise, increasing accessibility to create better cities and rural areas, promoting green growth and better health outcomes for citizens.

The partnership network focuses on sustainable mobility, which is about making it easier for citizens to find and use green solutions that do not affect the climate as much as cars and buses that run on fossil fuels.

The solutions that the partnership will develop and disseminate will help Danes avoid transportation wastage, switch to greener and healthier modes of transport and make better use of existing means of transport, roads and rail for the benefit of the city’s space, energy and resources.

We take a holistic approach, observing modes of transport in interaction with each other and the citizens’ need for transport.