Data Hub and Competence Center

The development of smart cities has really gathered speed, and could provide crucial answers to how we can run our cities to be more intelligent and resource-efficient for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. But what are the big challenges and needs of key players in the Smart City development of Denmark’s Capital Region? This is what the project Data Hub & Competence Center seeks to answer.

The Capital Region wants to establish a joint regional-municipal Data Hub and Competence Center which can support Smart City actors in Greater Copenhagen in the use of intelligent urban methods. The aim is to support sustainable urban development for the benefit of citizens and businesses, and sustainable growth with the inclusion of digitization, data and modern technology. The effort represents a contribution to strengthening and promoting the region’s position as the world leader for development, testing and demonstration of Big Data and Smart City solutions.

The project is a feasibility study where the following deliverables will be prepared:

  • A survey of the Smart City field in the Capital Region (Asset Mapping)
  • A needs analysis that uncovers the needs of key stakeholders (municipalities and companies)
  • A series of recommendations that reveal how existing initiatives can support a regional-municipal Data Hub and Competence Center




Gate 21, CLEAN and The Capital Region of Denmark.


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1 July 2016 – 31 March 2017

Project leader

Gate 21

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Maja Yhde, project leader Smart City