Gate 21 is working horizontally to increase regional capacity for the Horizon2020 program.

Horizon2020 is the EU’s main program for research and innovation, with nearly 80 million EUR available over 7 years (2014-2020). Since the program began in 2014, Danish researchers, companies and other players are getting an ever bigger share of these funds. To maintain this high level of support for several companies across the country, and to keep up awareness of the opportunities for EU funding, the Danish Agency for Science and Innovation has provided support to build the capacity of Danish clusters and networks for seeking funds from the Horizon2020 program. Gate 21, together with a number of other clusters, has been assigned funds from the Horizon2020-NET pool.

During the Horizon2020-NET project Gate 21 will initiate activities to help build capacity to search for Horizon2020 projects. We want to do this to support our partners to become sharper at identifying relevant calls, activating international networks and forming consortia for applications. Networking activities should result in the submission of at least five major applications to Horizon2020. As part of the project there will be guidance and coaching, as well as assistance in designing pathways for development and specific application procedures.

The goal is that a larger proportion of the municipal tenders and installation and operating budgets will be used for innovation, and that more SMEs will participate in Horizon2020 projects.




The project is implemented in cooperation with the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand’s EU offices, other clusters in Denmark, international networks and Gate 21’s ongoing projects, etc.


The overall budget is three million Danish kroner, of which the Danish Agency for Science and Innovation has supported the project with 1.4 million kroner.


January 2016 – July 2018

Project management

Gate 21

More information

Karolina Huss (karolina.huss@gate21.dk), senior project leader, Buildings & Cities