Lighting Metropolis

In a time when the lighting industry is undergoing a major technological shift and is rapidly developing, Lighting Metropolis aims to establish Greater Copenhagen as the world’s leading Living Lab for intelligent urban lighting, in which humans are at the center.

The place to be when it comes to Smart City lighting

Lighting Metropolis will work to make Greater Copenhagen into a region where global companies are investing in innovation, testing and showcasing solutions for the future in cooperation with cities, scientists and local businesses.

The creation of a new ecosystem

Greater Copenhagen is home to strong research hubs in lighting design, photonics and biological lighting. These skills are fragmented and poorly coordinated. By bringing the region’s unique competencies closer together, the full potential of new lighting and Smart City technology can be maximized for the benefit of cities, citizens and businesses. The goal is to strengthen the important role lighting can play in supporting security, accessiblity, identity, health and education for people in the cities.

Raising the bar for innovation

Lighting Metropolis is working towards solving real problems, as defined by municipalities and regions. One of Lighting Metropolis’s main tasks will be to get partners to come together to raise the bar and demonstrate values by activating their strength in knowledge and innovation and involve the relevant third parties, including business developers and start-ups. Via the creation of a network of interconnected Living Labs, regions and cities throughout Sweden and Denmark will cooperate with the private sector, business partners and researchers to make urban spaces and buildings available for development, testing and demonstration.

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Regions: Skåne, Capital Region of Denmark

Municipalities: Albertslund, Copenhagen, Roskilde, Kalundborg, Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg
Universities: DTU, Lund University (LU Open, IIIEE, environmental psychology), Aalborg University (AAU)
Organisations: Invest in Skåne, Innovation Skåne, Copenhagen Capacity, Gate 21

Companies: DONG Energy, Kraftringen, Zumtobel, TDC, Citelum, Signify, Cisco (associated partner)


The total budget for Lighting Metropolis is 7.3 million euro. The European Regional Development Fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak supports Lighting Metropolis with 3.65 million euro. Scania supports Lighting Metropolis with 325,000 euro and the Capital Region of Denmark with 530,000 euro. Lighting Metropolis’ partners contribute significant independent funding.


October 2015 – October 2018

Project leader

Gate 21

More information

Sif Enevold, Chief project leader, Lighting Metropolis

Flemming Jørgensen, Innovation manager

Peter Liljenberg, Communication lead

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