Moving People

The challenges of congestion go beyond growth and jobs in the region. So says 94 percent of the mayors in the metropolitan region, according to an analysis Operate made for the Capital Region in 2016. At the same time, studies suggest that state, region, local authorities and relevant stakeholders should sit together and find solutions. This is the function of the the project Moving People.

Moving People works to make it easy for commuters to get to work in a smart, efficient and greener way through easier switching between car, bus, train or bicycle, so the journey is linked from door to door. Behind Moving People is the Capital Region, 17 municipalities, as well as the traffic company Movia, Denmark’s Technical University and Gate 21. Together with 100 major companies, we are working to create maximum mobility for citizens to minimize CO2 emissions through the municipal planning of mobility and collaboration.

The 100 companies put mobility on the agenda of their own business networks that cut across industries and municipalities. Together with municipalities and transport providers, companies are testing both existing and new transport solutions that benefit both employees and the company’s growth and sustainability.

30 of the largest of the 100 companies form a special network ‘Moving 30’, which will contribute to new solutions to congestion challenges and provide inspiration for politicians and companies to make efforts towards smart and efficient mobility.

The objectives of Moving People are that:

  • ten percent of single-person trips by car are transferred to public transport and bicycles. This corresponds to about two million fewer car trips per year
  • every company has reduced transport-related CO2 emissions by six to ten percent
  • travel time on selected commuting distances are reduced



Gate 21 (lead partner), Capital Region of Denmark, traffic company Movia and the Technical University of Denmark. Project participants: Ballerup, Fredensborg, Frederiksberg, Frederikssund, Furesø, Helsingør, Høje-Taastrup, Copenhagen and Rudersdal Municipalities and Loop City municipalities: Gladsaxe, Lyngby Taarbæk, Glostrup, Hvidovre, Vallensbæk, Albertslund, Brøndby and Ishøj.


The total budget is 16 million DKK, of which the Capital Region supports the project with 8 million DKK.


May 2016 – April 2019

Project management

Gate 21

More information

Anna Thormann, Program Leader: Transport

Moving People has its own website where you can read more about the project.