Scandinavian Green Public Procurement Alliance on NRMM

While cities have focus on how to stimulate reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and air pollution in urban areas from road transport, there is also a growing interest in the Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) sector. The reason is that the NRMM sector has become an increasingly significant source of CO2 and air pollution: in the EU the NRMM sector is responsible for around 15 percent of the total NOx emissions and 5 percent of the total emission of particulate matters. NRMM is also accountable for about 2 percent of the annual total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.

In the project Scandinavian Green Procurement Alliance on Non-Road Mobile Machinery, capital cities of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm will work on lowering their carbon emission footprint. This will happen through green public procurement processes within a previously unexplored NRMM sector for safeguarding health, environment and climate and ensuring cost effectiveness and bring that knowledge out to other cities.

Transnational alliance to push the market in a greener direction

The Cities of Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm have set goals on being CO2-neutral in the near future, and the cities are also part of the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) and support the network’s aggressive long-term carbon reduction goals. For cities such as Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, there is an unexplored potential to collaborate through strategic Green Public Procurements to transform the field of NRMM’s. The potential involves safeguarding health, environmental and climate and ensuring cost effectiveness and bring knowledge out to other cities in CNCA, C40 and other organizations. By joining forces in the project the cities are strengthening the cooperation between large cities across country borders. Transnational procurement is a new way to strengthen procurement power between cities.

Non-road mobile machinery covers various types of machinery, including gardening tools (e.g. lawn mowers and hand-held chainsaws), construction machinery (e.g. bull dozers and trucks) and agricultural vehicles. The project will initially concentrate on four product groups for non-road procurement that are all present in the cities of the partnership in relatively high volumes:

– Riding lawn mowers
– Large wheel loaders
– Road sweeping machines
– Mini tractors



The City of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Gate 21 are funded for this work through the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Innovation Fund. The project also involves the following cities as followers: Boulder, New York, Portland, Vancouver, Hamburg, London, Boston, San Francisco and Minneapolis. Read more here.


The total budget for the project is USD 100,000, financed by CNCA (Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance).


November 2016 – April 2019

Project Leader and Project Contact

Kenneth Jørgensen, Project Manager, Gate 21
Signe Poulsen, Project Manager, Gate 21

The project is funded by:



This baseline report focuses on the reduction potentials for CO2 and particulate matter (PM) in regards of procurement of a number of wheel loaders. 
Find CO2-baseline report here.  


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