Smart Grid School Renovation in Copenhagen

The purpose of the project Smart Grid School Renovation in Copenhagen is to develop and test a high-quality building-integrated solar panel solution, which allows you to store energy locally and can be integrated into an intelligent electricity system – the Smart Grid. The prototype is being developed to compete with traditional solar solutions in terms of investment, energy and operations.

The prototype is tested at Grøndalsvængets School in Copenhagen. In addition to a full-scale test of the solution, the project works with an innovative, energy-saving ventilation concept and a building concept that integrates Smart Grid research, measurement and control of the solution’s performance.

The goal of the project is to create energy and CO2 savings for public and private building owners.



Cenergia, Kuben Management, Gate 21, Copenhagen Municipality, Institute of Technology. The project is open to new participants.


EUDP has given support to the value of 2 million DKK.


January 2014 – June 2017

Project management


More information

Signe Poulsen, project leader Buildings & Cities