Smart Mobility in Loop City

In the period 2017-2023/24 a light rail track is being built along the Copenhagen Ring 3 from Ishøj to Lyngby. This is both to ease congestion on and around Ring 3, but also to give commuters a quiet and environmentally friendly alternative to the car. The light rail construction will undoubtedly affect traffic in the area, which is why the project Smart Mobility in LOOP CITY is promoting efficient and green mobility during and after construction.

Through the use of mobility planning, networking with local businesses and user-driven innovation, the project will promote smart and green mobility. The aims are: to increase the number of public transport passengers; make it easy to commute in a smart and sustainable way; and develop new solutions for coherent transport around the light rail, to the benefit of commuters, businesses, municipalities and public transport operators.

Companies in the area around Ring 3 will be offered help to identify employees’ commuting habits and how they use transport during working hours. Based on the results, the project will offer companies help to encourage alternatives to solely driving by car. This will be in order to provide information on how the light rail system will affect local traffic flow, but also to promote the opportunities offered by bus, carpooling and cycling, and to identify new innovative transport offerings.

Behind the Smart Mobility in LOOP CITY-project is LOOP CITY, which is a collaboration between 10 municipalities, the region and the state about urban and industrial development along Ring 3, as well as Gate 21, Movia and a number of other actors.

The project builds on the experience of the Formul M project, which was implemented from 2011 to 2014. During the summer of 2016, the project Smart Mobility in LOOP CITY became part of the project Moving People, covering a wider geographical area.




Gate 21 is responsible for the project in collaboration with LOOP CITY, which is a cooperation along Ring 3 between the Capital Region of Denmark, Lyngby-Taarbæk, Gladsaxe, Herlev, Rødovre, Albertslund, Glostrup, Vallensbæk, Ishøj, Brøndby, Hvidovre, the Transport Ministry and the Danish Business Authority. The project also includes a number of partners around mobility – for example Movia, the Light Rail Company and DTU.


The project is funded under the Re-VUS initiative Moving People. The overall budget is three million kroner, of which 1.2 million is funding from the Capital Region of Denmark.


Fall 2015 – April 2019 as part of Moving People

Project management

Gate 21

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Vibeke Linde-Strandby, project manager for city strategy in LOOP CITY

Charlotte Hauerslev, project manager for Smart Mobility in LOOP CITY at Gate 21