Smart Urban Services

Many cities are working with a Smart City vision in order to support the city’s development and growth, enhance citizens’ quality of life and make the city more sustainable. But what is Smart City more specifically: how do we get from vision to solutions? Who has the solutions? And most of all, do they work? These are the question the DOLL Living Lab project Smart Urban Services (SUS) will be working to answer.

There is the vision that DOLL be the world’s leading innovation hub to develop, test and demonstrate intelligent lighting and Smart City solutions. The project Smart Urban Services brings DOLL closer to the vision by installing a number of sensors and Smart City solutions.

The vision is for DOLL to be the world’s leading innovation hub to develop, test and demonstrate intelligent lighting and Smart City solutions. The mission for DOLL is to enable:

  • decision makers in the public and private sectors to choose the most optimal, innovative lighting and Smart City Solutions
  • private companies to develop, test and demonstrate the future of intelligent lighting and Smart City Solutions

Special Smart City focus areas for the Smart Urban Services project are:

  • Sensors and sensor networks – testing and demonstration of different types of sensors
  • Communication systems – testing and demonstration of data communication and storage of data

The project is demonstrating a number of specific Smart City solutions in the DOLL Living Lab from 2015-2016. Municipalities and private companies may find solutions in the areas of:

  • Traffic, mobility and parking (traffic flow counts, charging of electric cars via lampposts, etc.)
  • Internet of Things communications network (City WiFi, Treasury Division, Low Power Wide Area Network, etc.)
  • Environment (air quality, noise)
  • Waste (emptying of containers and dustbins)
  • Climate (measurement of snow / ice / temperature)
  • Water (emptying sewers)
  • Buildings (measurement of energy)
  • Citizen Information (app’s, information boards, etc.)



Consoritum partners: DTU, Albertslund Municipality, Force Technology (previously DELTA) and Gate 21

Cooperation partners: @newmedia2.0, Alfred Priess, Cisco, Citelum, Current by GE, Force Technology (DELTA), DELUX DENMARK, DONG Energy, ewo, Exalight, Exlumi Consulting, Fagerhult, Focus Lighting, Hella, HeSaLight, joca, Lightwell, LITE, Louis Poulsen Lighting, Luminex, OSRAM, Philips Denmark, Riegens, Schréder, Scotia Light, SEAS-NVE, Seneco/Amplex, Sigfox, S-Light, Swarco Denmark, TDC, Thorn Lighting, Twilight, WASTECONTROL, X-Light, Zumtobel Group and Aalborg University.

Other partners:  Axis, BigBelly, Enevo, IoT Denmark, Leapcraft, NewMotion, Paradox, Sensity, SmartBin, Utopian City_Scape and Ymatron.


Smart Urban Services is funded by the Green Lab DK under the Energy Agency with 5.77 million DKK. Other DOLL activities have an autonomous business model and finances.


March 2015 – December 2016

Project management

Gate 21

More information

Kim Brostrøm, head of technology, DOLL, Gate 21, or

Teddy Sibbern Larsen, project consultant, DOLL, Gate 21