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Most small businesses can save about 20 percent of their energy use by implementing relatively cheap energy saving measures. This result was proven by previous Gate 21 projects. Time and money often prevent many smaller companies from hiring a consultant to create an overview of energy consumption and identify opportunities for savings. At the same time, small firms are less attractive for energy consultants, and yet they accounted for 93 percent of Danish companies in 2012 (Statistics Denmark, 2014).

In Gate 21’s project Energy Control, companies and consultants, with the municipality as an intermediary, develop cooperation and business models that must tick two boxes: 1) they must make it attractive for small businesses to save energy and 2) they must make it profitable for installers and suppliers of energy products to have small businesses as their clients. The purpose is to create energy savings and local growth.
The goal of Energy Control is to create 30 case studies based on business initiatives, primarily in auto repair workshops, machine workshops and retail stores. By focusing on building case studies, it becomes possible to focus on opportunities and barriers when it comes to energy action targeted at small businesses. The project has also developed lasting cooperations and business models which have gone on to create energy savings for other small businesses and given municipal supervisory employees tools to promote energy savings in small businesses.




Allerød, Ballerup, Frederikssund, Furesø, Gladsaxe and Høje-Taastrup Municipalities, Aalborg University, TREFOR, Schneider Electric and Gate 21.


The budget is 3.4 million DKK. The Energy Foundation is supporting the project with 1,796,400 kroner.


February 2014 – December 2016

Project management

Gate 21

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Lone Kelstrup, program leader Green Growth