Strategic impetus for the Buildings & Cities focus area


The focus area Buildings & Cities is based on the regional goal of 100 percent fossil-free energy and transport systems in 2035 and 2050 respectively. The vision of a fossil-free energy system being realized requires massive energy savings in existing buildings and also greater integration between the operation of the buildings and supply systems, including the use of renewable energy in the building stock.
Buildings and Cities has a main objective to develop, demonstrate and anchor projects that show how existing buildings can future-proof in order to be fossil-free.

The pressure on our cities increases due to the significant movement towards urban living. At the same time this urbanization creates an increased focus on cities as engines for growth and thus as a centre for good housing and work. The future-proofing and transformation of our buildings is therefore often based on more conscious strategies for urban, residential and commercial development with a background in municipal planning and legislation. The buildings thus shape a new framework for how we live, work, go to school, spend our leisure time and so on. Therefore future-proofed energy should also be based on how we want to live in and use our buildings in the future. Special attention will be placed on how to ensure good indoor air quality in our buildings without deviating from the goals of a fossil-free energy system.


On this basis Gate 21 strives to develop a focus area, so it meets both the regional and local development aspirations of the cities and the need to future-proof buildings. The projects take the form of demonstration projects developed to test new system solutions, models, tools and standards. For the focus area there will be ongoing clarification of the possibilities of using Living Labs for the demonstration of innovative technologies, behavioural models, business models and forms of cooperation.

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