Strategic impetus for the Green Growth focus area


Growth is a key driver in the green transition and an integral part of Gate 21’s vision and mission. Danish municipalities and regions rely on secure jobs and growth for maintaining the level of services to citizens. Simultaneously, municipalities and regions are active players in several areas that can support green growth and innovation. This applies to the planning and development of commercial areas, innovative public procurement, skills development in municipalities and private enterprises, support to start-up communities and the establishment of demonstration projects, business councils and Living Labs.


Gate 21 is working on projects in several of these areas and has accumulated specific knowledge on entrepreneurship and innovation, support for green business models in enterprises, energy efficiency in small and medium-sized enterprises, how to promote demand for energy efficient refurbishment, capacity building and the establishment of Living Labs.

Gate 21 will focus on all of these areas in cooperation with other key business development agencies in Greater Copenhagen. Gate 21 will develop projects that promote energy and resource-efficient businesses, green public demand, green business models and Living Labs, as well as mainstream green growth across Gate 21’s other focus areas.

More information

For more information about the Green Growth focus area, contact Programme Manager Lone Kelstrup