Programme Manager
Anna Thormann


Gate 21’s partners are working to accelerate green transition and growth in Greater Copenhagen. Together we find solutions that reduce CO2 emissions and realize energy and resource savings – as shown in the outer ring of the model above.


How we do it

The starting point is regional and municipal demand for new energy and resource-efficient solutions, which are shown as the centrepieces of the model.

The next ring shows that the partnership is based on a strong triple helix organization, where we bring together municipalities and regions, companies and knowledge institutions.

The third ring shows key methods that the partnership is working on – Living Labs, demonstration, innovation, scaling, digitization, anchoring, skills development and matchmaking.


A well-proven partnership for public-private innovation

Together, in addition to solutions for the green transition, we also create the basis for Greater Copenhagen to become the world’s leading region for green transition and growth, as ambitious, long-term goals give Danish companies the security to invest in new energy developments and resource-efficient solutions. This will strengthen the lead of Danish companies and it will attract foreign investment for Danish companies.

Since 2009, Gate 21 has consistently produced strong results and, along with those, has shown new, concrete paths for the green transition. We can therefore offer a strong, well-proven partnership for public-private innovation and thus make our commitment to the ambitious objectives of the green transition.


  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Cities & Communities
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Cirkular Economy & Resources