Strategic impetus for the Smart City focus area


Digital solutions are increasingly seen as the answer to urban challenges in all sectors, particularly in connection with green transition and growth. Digital solutions provide a wealth of opportunities for smart organization and management of the city. This applies to traffic management, intelligent lighting, intelligent waste management, intelligent energy distribution and so on. Smart City is increasingly regarded as a vision for many cities in line with sustainability.

Municipalities in particular have taken the Smart City Agenda upon themselves and see themselves as the focal point of planning, development and public service in dialogue with citizens and economic operators. Municipalities can play a role in demonstration projects and in the establishment of Living Labs, where public and private operators, research institutions and private enterprises can develop knowledge and test innovative products and solutions that can compete in the global market.


Many of the challenges that digital solutions can help solve run across regions and municipalities and require joint inter-municipal and regional development and investment. Greater Copenhagen has every opportunity to make itself into a global leader for Smart City solutions. This requires the creation of a common platform for developing common solutions, knowledge sharing and skill-building across the regions and municipalities – a platform where various actors can connect in a simple way.

Gate 21 is already at the forefront of the development and has several initiatives in the area with a focus on knowledge sharing, capacity building, demonstration projects and Living Labs. Going forward, Gate 21, in collaboration with key stakeholders, will put further focus on these activities. The goal is to develop a cooperation platform in the form of a development and competence centre to form the backbone of a joint Smart City initiative in Greater Copenhagen.

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