Strategic impetus for the Transport focus area


Good mobility is crucial for citizens, urban development and the labour market. Accessibility, as well as congestion, is a challenge for the creation of growth in Greater Copenhagen. At the same time, the transport sector’s energy consumption today is mostly covered by fossil fuels and the sector accounts for an increasing proportion of total CO2 emissions in Denmark and globally. It is a challenge, as Denmark has set a national goal for fossil fuels to be completely phased out. The effects of a green restructuring of the transport sector will be positive for our climate, environment and nature and will contribute to our health and wellbeing. It will also change our driving and consumption habits.

The transport sector traditionally projects the demand for transport and supplies the infrastructure rather than managing demand and supporting the need for mobility. Municipalities, regions and the state all lack tools and methods to better promote green mobility. Finally, the market for and supply of better green mobility services must be promoted.


Green Mobility Office is Gate 21’s knowledge and development centre within the operations area that creates value by supporting triple-helix cooperation on efficient transportation that reduces CO2 emissions and congestion and increases the quality of individual mobility.

On the basis of the experience of projects like Formula M, ENDURANCE, Test an Electric Bike, Drive Smart – Drive Together and Smart Mobility in Loop City, methods have been developed and reengineered to promote green mobility and coordinate better urban and traffic planning. Tests and Living Labs will be developed for transport initiatives in order to promote the market for better green mobility services.

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