by | Dec 12, 2016

NEXT Albertslund Gymnasium has large – and green – ambitions to link the students' daily lives more closely with the labor market that they are heading towards. Students should be out in the field, closer to projects and real issues. Therefore, they have chosen to become partners in Gate 21.

“We are very pleased to be partners in Gate 21 and excited about the opportunities it will provide for our students. We have a clear vision of being a school that excels at being an active part of society. And we hope that the partnership with Gate 21 can help to strengthen this,” says Knud-Erik Hansen, vice principal of Albertslund Gymnasium.

Gate 21 brings together cities, businesses and knowledge institutions – and now also youth – to find and test tomorrow’s green solutions. With this new partner it will focus on another area of development within the green transition.

“We are seeing great attention being shown to the green transition, both in Denmark and internationally. The coming years will see billions invested in working towards creating a sustainable future. It is already seen, for example, in the transformation of our energy system,” says Gate 21 director Poul Erik Lauridsen.

“This means green jobs for future generations and it is therefore vital that we have the skilled labor that can handle the job. We hope that through the partnership with NEXT we can inspire young people to pursue education in the field of innovation, technology and society because we will need these skills to create green transformation and growth in Denmark.”

Cooperation has begun

Cooperation between NEXT and Gate 21 is already off to a good start. Students have recently worked through a project about how Albertslund will look in ten years. Gate 21 was involved in preparing the presentation, provided sparring opportunities throughout and feedback on students’ final presentations.

“We will make it more interesting and accessible for students to engage in the community they are a part of. These two weeks of project work are a good example of our ambition, and of how we want the new HTX department in Albertslund Gymnasium to be able to embrace the local environment and the many innovations that are at play in the Albertslund area,” says Knud-Erik Hansen.